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Wilkes-Barre River Common

 The future of the River Common lies within the hands of the community, and we hope that you will help mold this park into its visionary form. This is why we are calling out for your support.  

Whether you are a business or simply an enthusiastic volunteer, we want you to help us meet our goals. Without your support the River Common will be hard pressed to achieve all of our hopes and dreams.  

Please check out our media page to see what volunteers like you can accomplish when they work together. RiverFest 2009 and the River Common Dedication was 100% a volunteer effort, and this is just the beginning. Let’s keep rolling out events similar to what we just experienced and let’s turn the River Common into a local hotspot.  

We hope to see you down there and ask that you visit our volunteer’s page for ideas on how you can become more active in our growing community.



What is The RiverCommon

River Common is a twenty three million dollar park, located along the eastern bank of the Susquehanna River in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Situated to either side of the Market Street Bridge, the park is host to a 750  person amphitheater, paved walk-ways, gardens, ornamental trees, a grand common and seating area, a fishing pier, and two grand gateways connecting the city to the River.   

The new park adds to the  Downtown Riverfront Park system which is composed of 91 acres of open space in  Wilkes-Barre, Kingston, and Edwardsville. River Common will once again join the ranks of the Nesbitt and Kirby Parks, to bring the beauty of our natural resources to light.  

With an educational undertone, the River Common will help citizens reconnect with the River and educate them on the ways in which they can help to reduce the area’s  carbon footprint. For more information on the River Common please visit

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