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Backpacker Magazine Recognizes Ricketts Glen State Park

Ricketts Glen is one of the most scenic areas in Pennsylvania and is comprised of 13,050 acres which it shares between Luzerne, Sullivan and Columbia counties.  The Falls Trail is located in the Glens Natural Area comprised of 21 free flowing waterfalls ranging from just over 11 feet to its highest resident waterfall of 94 feet; Ganoga Falls.  Falls Trail is 7.2 miles long when doing both the upper and lower sections and is rated as difficult.  An easier and shorter route of 3.2 miles is available and allows you to view most of the waterfalls including Ganoga Falls. This trails runs directly alongside the waterfalls, so picture taking is plentiful and the vistas are spectacular.  Well worth the effort. Good hiking shoes are strongly recommended. This area is also the meeting ground of the southern and northern hardwood types, creating an extensive variety of trees. Many of the magnificent trees in this area are over 500 years old and ring counts on fallen trees have revealed ages as high as 900 years. Diameters of almost four feet are common and many trees tower to 100 feet in height. In 1993, the Glens Natural Area became a State Park Natural Area and will be protected and maintained in a natural state.      For more information on the Ricketts Glen State Park Please visit

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